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Custom Art

Individual Projects

Looking to add a custom painted design to your wall or a personalized wood burned countertop? Frozen Tree Productions offers a variety of custom projects for your home or for your business. Tell us about your idea and we will work with you to make it happen. Some examples of our custom projects are shown below. 

 Wall Art


In 2016, we designed, drew, and painted a large scale map of Cooper Landing, Alaska for the Sunrise Inn. This painting is used to help visitors to the area visual the landscape on a large scale. 


If you live in a location, other than Alaska, just provide us with an image of your hometown and we can create a large scale painting complete with individualized aspects that you wish to have included.  We also paint and design outdoor signs. 



The images shown above are of a custom countertop made for a client to depict the entire Kenai River. The left-hand side of the counter shows the Lower Kenai River, the middle of the counter depicts the Middle River and the Kenai Canyon, and the right-hand side features the Upper Kenai River as well as the headwaters at Kenai Lake. Custom images were added to show the client's home, boat, and fishing favorites.  


We also make customized wall art, coffee tables, benches, and more. Let us know what you are looking for. If you'd like to watch our work in action click on the button below.



Custom Woodburned Wall Art of the Cimarron River in New Mexico

The image above is of the Cimarron River in New Mexico customized to depict the client's favorite places.  The image on the right is another custom counter that can be found in Sackett's Kenai Grill. 

Sackett's Custom Woodburned Counter
Graphic depicting the Upper Kenai River


Featured Projects

We also offer a variety of smaller customized items. Whether you need a logo for your event or a specialized Christmas Ornament, we've got you covered. Scroll through some of our previous work by clicking on the images below. 


Contact us if you'd like to customize your own project. 

Click on images below for a larger view.


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