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Kenai River Hand-drawn Font
The Kenai Peninsula Woodburned Wall Art

Maps, rivers, wildlife and more are hand-drawn and then burned onto high-quality wooden slabs. Sometimes paint will be added to accentuate certain aspects.  The images are then protected with a clear layer of polyurethane. For most projects, we cut and mill our own spruce and birch trees. On occasion, we will purchase sustainably sourced maple wood products. 


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your local Artist!

Th Lower Kenai River Woodburned Wall Art

Looking for something smaller? See our collection of woodburned buttons, pins, ornaments, and magnets. Custom designs are available to personalize the item for your business, family, or event. 


Counters & Benches

Frozen Tree Fish Design

In addition to wall art, we handcraft designs on counters and on benches. These items are the perfect way to customize your kitchen, bar, or entryway. Have a project in mind? Contact us for custom designs. 

Uppe Kenai River Woodburned Bench

Click on images below for a larger view.

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In Action

Screen Printing

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